Dear Friends, Colleagues and Business Partners,

The Ajulu family would like to express its sincere gratitude to relatives and friends for their support during our time of grief. Your words of comfort and encouragement gave us strength in planning and executing MAMA’s funeral.

MAMA was laid to rest at her Ancestral home in Sakwa Kapiyo at Dajo Ka Ajulu on Saturday the 5th of March 2016.

Rest in Peace, Nyar Ka Jore

You are invited to post messages of condolence or remembrance below.


Condolences from Msimanga family.

Dear Mama We were privileged to have had you in our life. Although we would have loved to be with you forever, we know that it is an impracticable expectation. We enjoyed your life and have to learn to let you rest while you reunite with those who left ahead of you. I hope Dad met you at the gate, I hope that he took you straight to see Sherry, Agnes, Ruth and grandchildren Dani, Diana, Tabu I imagine you reprimanding the younger ones about their unacceptable behavior of leaving earlier than the norm. I imagine all of them sitting around to listen to lovely stories you relate about those of us who are left behind particular new members of the family who joined after they had departed. We wish you an enjoyable time together. Rest in peace Nyar Ogude

Mama, while I got to know for a short time, I remember with grey fondness how you welcomed me into your home and accommodating my limited Luo skills. Our son is so blessed to have spent the last four years getting to know you and while we may never see you in flesh, your spirit will always be with us. Thank you for raising such a wonderful in Steve who I know is really saddened but with time will be healed. To the rest of family, our deepest condolences from the Musengi and Kamba families

Words can't tell how i feel, keeping with the reality that your gone saddens my heart, but i know your gone to be with the Lord. I will miss those night calls we used to have, your advice to me to be strong in life and that i should always learn to forgive. You did encouraged me a couple of times when things and situations ment nothing to me. I loved you grandma, i really did love you, i will miss you and i hope one day will meet at Jesus feet. Till we meet again grandma.

An innings well played, a life well lived.....Rest in Peace

Grandma may your soul rest in enternal peace. You brought joy and unity amoung us. You will be highly missed. R.I.P

The only grandma i had may u rest in eternal peace the moments we shared with u, the trips we had to the hospital and u speaking a word of blessings in my houese and to my family still lingers in my memonries... Seeing u giving up the battle on Saturday left me in pain but i release u to go and make up the time u missed with odero... I still love u nyogude nyaka jore nyauyoma as we used to call u...

Mama, I feel you in the corridor leading to your room. I hear imaginary sound of shower and am almost asking "mama are bathing?". That's how warm it was with you at home. I believe where you've gone to is wonderful. Rest mama rest. Imosna baba

I grew to admire u each day grandma... U were always strong even when sick and couldn't Stand.. You used to tell me not to help u stand because you wanted to stand alone n walk even when you were weak. I grew so fond of u... And loosing you made me feel lonely n sad. You will forever be in my heart. R. I. P grandma

Mama Rest In Peace and may the Almighty God Protect and give you all strength during this difficult time

It's said that wen u die we all go to heaven,through you important lives were brought into us,I knew you for a short while but the attachment was real .it's sad to accept and let go but I know u r in a better place till we meet again.RIP NYOGUDE

It's said that wen u die we all go to heaven,through you important lives were brought into us,I knew you for a short while but the attachment was real .it's sad to accept and let go but I know u r in a better place till we meet again.RIP NYOGUDE

My namesake,my grandmother, words are not enough to express the void your demise leaves in me It is with a heavy heart I accept your leaving. All the years spent with you have been nothing but bliss,and even in the sunset days,you continued to keep my faith aflame. I am happy that you are resting,and I know that you are watching over all of us in your own little way. You will fondly be remembered Nyar Ogude. Nyasaye oket chunyi ka mokwe. I love you, we all do,now and forever. All my love

Rest in Peace Nyagude, you fought a good fight, you finished your race, Nind gi kwe chi Ajulu..

Mama rosalia u left me so abruptly but assured that the we had for each other was still fresh... I miss u so much and its so hard for me to contain the pain especially when i see the points we used to sit together and talk abt the old days... Rest in peace nyathi grace

May our good Lord rest your soul in peace ,your legacy shall forever be cherished .Above all grandma,thanks for giving me a friend and the best daddy i have lived to know.Nind gi kwe dani. Kinenona mamana to nyise ni the gap she left in our heart's can never be replaced.

As much as it is sad to say farewell Mme, we believe you are now free of pain. May your family stay strong until you are laid to rest, and May your soul rest in eternal peace

For the 10 years you've been in my life, you've been nothing but a blessing. I'm glad you've gone to rest. Say hello to Kwara for me because I never got a chance to met him. Nothing but love. Nind gi Kue, Nyakwari oheri

It saddens my heart to say goodbye.. I close a chapter to a generation but the memories shall forever live on. The legacy you leave behind is far too great.. You have raised such fine men and women and I am glad that God gave us all this time together. Nind gi kwe dana. We will miss you dearly. Mosna mama nyar gi Puri.

May the Good Lord be with her family during this time. May her soul rest in peace

U fought ur battle well jaoda may your soul rest in peace

'According to the word I covenanted with you when ye came out of Egypt, so my spirit remaineth among you, fear ye not' - Haggai 2:5 To the Ajulus, I can only imagine the pain you must be going through during this very difficult hour. I imagine that in times like these, she would have been the very rock and pillar of strength from whence you'll be summoning courage. The very faith, as alluded to by Prof during the Prayer service on Monday, that she placed her decision to move to the villages to single-handedly raise her family, is the same faith that you must have, hang-on to, knowing that things will be alright. By this strong faith, Mama Roselia gave real meaning to this promise from God that the promise that God made to His people in Egypt, He will keep and therefore His people needed not to be fearful. BoDajo, mkhululeni ngoko ahambe, olwakhe ugqatso ulufezile!

Great legacy you leave behind. Heaven has gained one more angel. Rest in peace osiep mamana.

who will call me jagot.. forever I will miss u

I'd like to think that's its not real but sadly it is. You filled our lives with love, happiness and good memories and made my childhood memorable. I will always celebrate you because you were brave and fought till the end. No words will ever be enough to express the void you've left in our hearts and lives. Forever in our hearts Dana .Nind gi kue Nyar Ogude

rest in peace grandma..may the almighty father grant the family peace and comfort

"Bende owari adier.......? ."Timna neno!" That's what she'd ask me during my earlier stage in salvation. Not because she doubted my salvation but to make me feel the value of what I'd just recieved. Your steadfastness in the has made some us grow in salvation. You treated me like one of your son's and so I'm in great loss just as your biological sons. A life well lived Nyogude! RIP!

"Bende owari adier.......? ."Timna neno!" That's what she'd ask me during my earlier stage in salvation. Not because she doubted my salvation but to make me feel the value of what I'd just recieved. Your steadfastness in the has made some us grow in salvation. You treated me like one of your son's and so I'm in great loss just as your biological sons. A life well lived Nyogude! RIP!

cucu you have gone to be with the creator after the Lord choosing you as among the angels to be with. The years you lived was a blessing to see your great grand children. They will all miss you forever till we meet again. RIP Cucu mama Ajulu

Poleni jamii ya Mama Rosalia. Mama has left a mark in your lives which you will treasure for years to come. Now honor her by emulating her life. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord ...they will rest from their labour, for their deeds will follow them (Rev 14:13). May the Lord be your comforter.

To the K'odero clan Please accept our heart felt condolences May her soul rest in Peace

Its been a long fight, and a hard fight .You lost the battle , but you won the war, because your children will live through your legacy. I pray that they remember and uphold what you stood for, for then you will for ever live.Rest well WAYA.

rest in eternal peace , The great comforter is on your side

Sadly, we mourn the passing of a modern day matriarch. Through your love and your life well lived, the glue that binds together people from different families and of different generations, races, ethnicities, social and cultural backgrounds is very evident. Your gentle nature and ability to make everyone at ease was certainly very admirable. On behalf of the Okello family we pray for your gentle soul to rest in eternal peace.

Dani;I was so privileged to meet u most of the time and you were so instrumental in my life.words of wisdom thru encouragement and advise.A truely born again christian,we loved you and God loved u most. To Pst.Dan and wife Jenipher,am challenged on how you took care of Dani,you are great people and the Lord will surely bless you and your generation. The family of Ajulu,receive my condolence plus my wife and be strong and of good courage at this time of mourning.shalom

Mama,I am deeply saddened by the fact that you are no longer here with us. I hold fond memories of our time together, especially when you came around to stay with us. The endless conversations we had,the valuable lessons I derived from our chats and the warmth you brought into our home. Mama,through you, I was able to understand every member of the larger family,thus blending in and finding my groove with each one of them in a special way. My children,my husband and I will forever miss you. Rest in peace

Gracefully you have gone, but forever we will treasure you in our lives. May the Almighty God be with all the people you loved at this time. May the Lord you served, rest your soul in eternal peace. Amen.

You were a grandmother to my bestfriends. In times of sickness I stood with them in the gap for your healing which actually came as we prayed but this time God had better plans for you. Take care of your family From up above. May your soul rest in eternal peace

we loved u but God loved u more.Truly a life well lived. Rest in peace n may the Angels in Hevean celebrate as thy receive for a life well lived.RIP.

Though departed,you're cherished for the great personality evident from your lineage. May your soul find comfort in Paradise Shosh R.I.P

Mama I still fondly remember your trademark smile as you ushered me into your big family.Your wise counsel, love and candidness when correcting has kept us going as a family.Your big and accommodating heart knocked down the restricting barrier of mother in law/ son in law in our relationship. I've always been ''Jack'' your son and you've always been my loving mum. ''Nind gi kwe Ratego min joma riek.

Still feels like a dream...its so hard to accept you're gone but at least we know you are at peace free from pain.Your memories are forever with us....I still rem how you used to call me ' wuon dala' you left us a legacy....will forever miss you dana...God be with you till we meet again..RIP...mosna mama nyakatweng'a

Aunty, you loved and cared for many. Your warmth, spirit of giving and leadership qualities were rare and many enjoyed these. You guided many of us. We enjoyed talking and seeking your wise counsel. We will miss you Aunty. May your soul RIP.

A strong woman has departed, but your legacy lives forever. I will always remember your "larger than life" presence in the Ogude homestead. Over time as we grew older, the values you instilled in all of us who had the privilege of knowing you made sense after all. We loved you but it is time to let you go. Rest in peace Aunty

A beautiful soul, full of love and faith, ascend to heaven, away from us, but closer to God, leaving loneliness, pain and sadness. With immense heartache, we break with our beloved sister in Christ, mum and grandma.

It is with great sadness that we learn about the sad passing of Mama Rosalia Ajulu. May her soul rest in peace. To her beloved family; no words can describe how you feel. May you take comfort in knowing that our thoughts and prayers are with you & your family during your period of loss & bereavement. May you feel God's loving arms around you and may the sadness of the passing of your beloved mother turn to happy memories with the passing of time as you remember all the precious moments spent together. With warm regards Nandi

Dana you may never be here again,but the memories i have of you are the best. the wisest council i got from you last i still hold on to forever, i will surely miss you,Thank you for giving me a wonderful woman i call mom,RIP.

We would like to convey our deepest condolences to the Ajulu family. Our thoughts are with you. Life is a journey we all have to travel. Some journeys are longer than others. Mama's journey was long and fruitful. Her legacy is there for all to see. May her Soul rest in peace.

Nind gi Kwe Dana.until we meet again may God keep you and look after you in the next stage of your journey

Nind gi Kwe Dana.until we meet again may God keep you and look after you in the next stage of your journey

Dear grandma Please rest in peace i really miss sharing bedroom with you

Dear grandma i loved like a fresh flower just from the farm and i still love u. May ur soul rest in eternal peace dana 1.

No. 269 PINYNI OK THURWA MWAGENO (We've no abiding city here) 1. Pinyni ok thurwa mwageno; Waonge dala mosiko; To wachni ohoyo chunywa, Wakiyo dala mabiro Wakiyo dala mabiro 2. Pinyni ok thurwa mwageno; Wakiyo dala ma ok nen; Zayun e nyinge- dala Ruoth; Orieny gi ler ma nyaka chieng' Orieny gi ler ma nyaka chieng' 3. Dala maber mar mor gi kuwe; Kar hawi- chandruok onge chuth; Da an gi buomb winyo koro Daringi mond' ayue kanyo, Daringi mond' ayue kanyo. 4. Chunya, kuwe mos! Ruoth ong'eyo Ndalo ma iniyud yueyo; E piny ka mond' atim chikne Ka pod arito ndalono Ka pod arito ndalono

On behalf of the Nyanjom family, I send heartfelt condolences. I know Mama has fought hard over the last 5 or so years, and it is now good for her to rest! Take courage and strive for all that she would have wanted of you!

My family and I wish to extend our most sincere condolences to Ajulu's family. Please accept our condolences and may our prayer comfort all of you. May God rest her soul in peace.

Our heartfelt condolences to the entire Ajulu family on the loss of dear Mama. May the Lord grant her mercies and eternal peace. We also pray for peace and strength to all family at this time of sadness.

There is no other prayer woman i have ever known except you. The prayer you made for your home will forever remain, thank you for changing our lives through prayer,thank you for having a strong will and being a silent fighter. may you rest in peace till we meet in the golden streets. AMEN.

life is short but the short life lived satisfactorily is just enough. RIP Granny mummy you've done your part

Minouma, nyarkajore God saw that it was time to call you home, rest now in your Lord, our God’s hands. Your prayers and all the memories we shared will forever live in our hearts. I love you.

we loved you but God loved you most

Mama we thought we loved you,but God loved you more..go thee well and stay well till we meet again.amen

Dear Anne my deepest condolences it's tough loosing a mother, May the Lord strengthen you. RIP Nyar Ogude.

We send our condolences to the Ajulu family for the untimely death of mama . We are deeply saddened by the news and pray to God to give you strength to overcome the loss. No one can ever take the place of mom in life. For she is special and will remain special till the end of time. May you find courage and hope; we will continue praying for you. This is a tough phase for you . We are with you. May Mama’s soul rest in perfect peace.

For every life has a purpose to fill, a purpose which us humans can seldom infer. But she was a gift from heaven, whose purpose was to make this world understand what love, friendship, goodness, and humbleness was all about. Goodness belongs to heaven, and I know she is watching us from there, bestowing her beautiful smile upon us. Like a bird singing in the rain,let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow. May her soul rest in peace.

One month on and it does not get any easier. Realization dawns that you are never coming back. Never again will I find you on your favourite spot outside of your back door reading your Bible. I miss you Mama, your wise counsel, your stoic ways, quiet strength in the face of adversity...nothing will ever be the same without you. The days are shaky, some really wet, but healing is a process and in time it will come. I trust that you are resting at Jesus' feet and one day we will meet in eternity. Rest in Peace Nyar gi Ogollo.

Minouma, I have some really wobbly days and I know it will take time to heal. There is no one who prayed for me like you did and I miss your reassuring words.

Minouma, I have missed you today more than ever. I have missed calling you to just hear your voice, it is one day at a time. Rest in your Lord's arms as you continue to live in my heart.

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